Strong to the core. Supple to the fingertips.


“Barbara has been my yoga teacher for the past 2 1/2 years. She teaches a style of yoga that suits me personally and in such a way that allows me to remain feeling pleasantly challenged at the end of each session. I am 54 years old and due to her excellent teaching methods over a period of time, I remain very flexible and have developed strength throughout my body including core muscles It may surprise a few people but it has helped me immensely with my singing. My singing coach has commented on my ability to hold notes for a long time.This I am convinced is due to my core muscles strengthening and also the breathing techniques Barbara uses and teaches.

She is a wonderful person, very relaxed and she exudes a friendly warmth that enables students to feel relaxed and comfortable in her classes. Don’t think her yoga classes are an easy ride though, she will teach you to challenge your body to the ultimate and her yoga class title of ‘Brave Bodies’ is very apt! I would not hesitate in recommending Barbara to anyone who wishes to improve themselves in health and fitness.” Scott Gray, Fareham

“Barbara has been my Yoga and Pilates teacher since October 2008. She took over from a very respected and loved instructor and had big shoes to fill in. I am glad to say that she has managed to do that with great success. She is very professional and dedicated and has a wealth of knowledge about both Yoga and Pilates. She is very passionate about supporting us to achieve better results every week and has her own unique style of teaching. She has a calm and humorous nature which helps to make the class an enjoyable and challenging experience at the same time. I will be happy to recommend her to anyone considering joining one of her classes.”

Nitzan Marinov, Wellness Consultant, London
Supporting Women Going Through the Menopause

“I have been doing Yoga for about 1,5 years now and it has had a deep impact on my life. What I like so much is that it is not just exercise for the body, but a holistic approach to mind, body, and spirit, with ancient roots and a certain mythology behind it. Sometimes I have been lying on my mat before the start of a class listening to the loud beat coming from the gym where people train their bodies on machines with no other purpose but to be fit and good-looking. I looked forward to the door being shut and the gentle Yoga music replacing the shrill sound of the dancefloor… Yoga truly brings peace to the mind and has changed my attitude towards my body and life in general.
However, I am still not that type of person who likes an easy exercise with little sweat, no matter how peaceful it is for the mind! That’s what I love about Barbara’s classes – they are always a real workout. I am an achiever type of person and I want to be challenged and test my bodily limits. Barbara has a very good way of making me do that without ever leaving the idea of Yoga as being holistic, and also without ever evoking competition between people. No matter how fit you are and how flexible – you will feel welcomed in Barbara’s classes and can set your limits and goals individually. And there will always be a good amount of joking and laughing, particularly if Barbara herself loses her balance in one pose… :)”
Doro (from London)