Strong to the core. Supple to the fingertips.


Finding good music for yoga, especially for teaching a class, is quite tricky. Many CDs are just too soothing and relaxing… not ideal for an active vinyasa! And some are just plain awful plinky-plonky stuff you’d hear in a lift! Here are my long-standing personal favourites — actual proper musicians rather than MUZAK. 🙂 If you have any other suggestions, write them at the bottom in comments, I am always looking for something new to add to my repertoire! Thank you.

The amazing Benjy Wertheimer. This is a great album, very varied and full of wonderful instruments. Perfect for a slower, more meditative vinyasa.
I have been in love with Dead Can Dance music since I first came across them in California in 2000. This particular album belongs to my most listened to collection. Fourteen years later I still love it.
Another Dead Can Dance evergreen. A close second to Spiritchaser. Just close your eyes and enjoy.
You will never need another CD for savasana, I promise you. I had to buy this one about three times, because it got stolen twice!
The first half of this middle-Eastern sounding album is perfect for a high-energy session. The second half is mellow and chilled-out. Love it.
This is an inexpensive and beautiful CD by Nigel Champion. I have played it countless times. The perfect background, without any breaks, the tracks merge smoothly together.
How about some electric tango! Meet the fabulous Gotan Project. These guys will get your feet moving. I use it mainly for Pilates and have received so many compliments on my good taste. 🙂
Another masterpiece of Gotan Project, just as good as the previous one. Have a listen on Amazon or YouTube.