Strong to the core. Supple to the fingertips.

Lowford Pilates classes

BraveBodies Pilates Class in Lowford/Bursledon, Southampton (walk-in)

TUESDAYS 18:40 – 19:40 

Bursledon Community Centre, Portsmouth Road Bursledon, Southampton, SO31 8ES

First class £3. For further payment options, please click here.

BraveBodies Pilates class in Southampton, Bursledon, Tuesdays 7pm, shoulder bridgeOur Bursledon Pilates class has become rather busy! The core of this group has been around since 2008; however, we have had a number of new faces lately, and they are staying around! We meet downstairs in the spacious Cedar Room. Many in this group are usually men, so gentlemen, you have nothing to fear! Pilates works for men, too. We work quite hard in this class but of course you can opt out of anything if you need to. Our sessions focus on building core strength, great posture and muscular control alonside flexibility. It is helpful to have had previous experience with yoga or Pilates, but you can try even if you are a beginner. Most people do just fine. We use a bit of equipment in this class to give us additional challenge, so prepare for the foam roller, the band, the Pilates ball, the ring, and our latest addition, hand grips to strengthen the forearms. We also use blocks for padding and support where needed.

If this is your first time, please come a bit early to fill out a short form. Please bring your own mat and block or foam roller if you have them…. if not, there are usually some spare ones to borrow, or you can also buy rollers or mats at the venue. Many people choose to also stay for yoga at 7:50pm, and take advantage of the discount offered for taking both – only £10.

Some words from the classmates:

“I have been attending Barbara’s Pilates and Yoga classes for around 6 months now and have found the classes to be great. The atmosphere is very friendly and encouraging and Barbara is an exceptional teacher with a great deal of knowledge of her subject. I started as a complete beginner and feel like I’m making progress and am slowly getting more flexible. Highly recommended.” Andrew McGough, IT

“I have attended these yoga and Pilates classes over some years now and find them extremely helpful, fun, supportive and friendly. I feel I have benefitted physically and emotionally from the exercise I get and greatly value the teaching and exercise opportunity.” Marilyn Frost, university lecturer

“When I first enquired about Barbara’s Pilates classes she was so friendly and welcoming, and that has continued throughout the year I have been attending. The classes are relaxed but with just the right amount of a challenge; I feel fitter and more flexible and even more confident about my body since starting Pilates.” Anna Crowshaw