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Beginners yoga class in Woolston, St. Mark’s Institute, Thursdays

BraveBodies BEGINNERS YOGA class in Woolston (walk-in)

THURSDAYS 18:10 – 19:10 

St Mark’s Institute, 37a Victoria Road, Woolston, Southampton SO19 9DY (view map)

First session £3. For the rest of payment options, please click here.

Yoga at St. Mark's, Woolston

Yoga in Woolston, St. Mark’s BraveBodies

This beginners yoga class in Woolston high street is suitable for those in reasonably good health who are new to yoga, or those who would like a gentler, slower session. Nonetheless, prepare to be challenged, and rewarded by feeling better and better after each class as you improve in strength, endurance and coordination.

You will learn the technique of most commonly used yoga poses (asanas), along with correct principles of alignment and breathing. The goal is for you to progress quickly and learning how to link asanas together. You will learn a lot about your body, too.

If you’d like to find out more or discuss any health and fitness concerns, please give Barbara a call at 0798 223 6118 or email You can just turn up as the hall is large and we have plenty of space, but it would be helpful if you brought a mat with you, if you have one. You can also buy a mat once you arrive, if you’d like your own.

In case you are considering yoga after a period of long inactivity and/or recovering from an injury or a serious illness, you may benefit from a 1-2-1 session first, and ease your way into a group setting. As pleasant and motivating as a class setting is, it does not allow too much space for attending to individual requirements and modifications, especially if they are significant. Please be aware of that when you come.

St Mark’s Institute is a spacious hall in the heart of Woolston, very close to the bus stop and Mac Coffee. There is plenty of parking around the area, and the high street parking is free after 6pm, so you shouldn’t have any trouble! There is a car park nearby as well.

A few words from the classmates:

“I am a beginner to yoga and have found Barbara to be a very motivational teacher. She demonstrates all the poses extremely well, so that even if we can’t quite manage them completely, we know what to try for. She is extremely patient and encouraging. I always come out of Barbara’s classes feeling invigorated which is in complete contrast to my past efforts at excercise. I would recommend her beginners course wholeheartedly. Liz Adam, scientist

“Barbara is an excellent teacher. She is inspirational. She demonstrates every move, and gives us the confidence to understand our individual levels of ability and physical condition and to extend ourselves. Every lesson is rewarding. After twelve weeks only I feel physically stronger and more balanced and I am enjoying the mental concentration needed too.” Yvonne Doyle