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In pain after a yoga class? Read this.

For those of you who may be wondering if you have overdone it in class and how to deal with the aftermath, I have recently written an article for Yoga Class Near You. Especially if you are new to yoga, you will want reassurance that pain is not something that will become your steady companion during practice. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“If you are not careful, the potential to do too much when you are starting out is actually quite high. You might develop aching wrists, pain in your lower back, or even aggravate your existing condition, whatever that may be. Please do not blame your yoga teacher or yoga in general. Your teachers have an entire class to handle, and as much they may try, they will likely not be able to anticipate and meet most of your needs for adjustment and individual guidance.

Here is a little SOS plan for after-class care if you feel you’ve done too much:

1. Follow the RICE principle – rest, ice, compression, elevation. Alternate ice with heat for better results.

2. Take an Ibuprofen or another anti-inflammatory medication – or better, make a nice curry with lots of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and garlic, all of which have great anti-inflammatory properties, without the nasty side-effects, and they taste great!

3. Try to remember whether you had an intense sensation or pain during class and in what yoga pose, and write it down. Contact your teacher and ask how to modify the pose or movement.

4. Where possible, stay active and keep moving. Bed rest is a no-no, especially for back pain – you will recover quicker while up and about. Your GP will confirm that.

Read the rest of the article here: I’VE DONE A YOGA CLASS AND I’M IN PAIN. WHY SHOULD I GO BACK?