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Intermediate and advanced yoga class in Woolston, Mondays

BraveBodies INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED YOGA class in Woolston (walk-in)

MONDAYS 18:30 – 19:30 

St Mark’s Institute, 37a Victoria Road, Woolston, Southampton SO19 9DY (view map)

First class £3. For further payment options, please click here.

BraveBodies yoga in Southampton, half-moonThis vinyasa-based intermediate and advanced yoga class in Woolston high street welcomes all of you who have a solid prior experience with yoga. It is useful to have done a bit of ashtanga or other vinyasa classes, as this class is quite dynamic and flowing. However, if you have done slower types of classes such as Iyengar or traditional hatha yoga, you will probably do just fine. If not, you can always spend a few weeks in the 6:30pm beginners class to get up to speed.

In this class, we really go for it! We do different things each week, but the overall emphasis is on core stability, upper body strength, flexibility and agility. The pace of the class is swift but not frantic, and you will be encouraged to build your strength in transitions and learn how to enter and exit out of a pose in many different ways.

St Mark’s Institute is a spacious hall in the heart of Woolston, right next to Boots. There is plenty of parking around the area, and the high street parking is free after 6pm, so you shouldn’t have any trouble! There is a car park nearby as well.

Please bring your own mat and block if you have them…. if not, there are usually some spare ones to borrow, or you can also buy one at the venue.

If you want to go deeper into the whole purpose of yoga — which was essentially developed as a philosophy and mental practice, with asana practice being just one aspect of it — you can join us for a meditation class afterwards, which runs from 19:40 to 20:30. The vinyasa yoga class is an ideal preparation for sitting still and allowing the mind to calm down, so that you can start off your week on the right foot. 

Some words from the classmates:

“Having never tried Yoga before I recently joined Barbara’s group, completing the beginners class I have now move to the intermediate level and I’m completely hooked. I can’t recommend it enough, in the short time I’ve been attending classes I have noticed a vast improvement in my well-being, flexibility and general health. Barbara is a real inspiration and an amazing instructor :).” Royston, electrician

“Barbara is welcoming and friendly. The class is supportive and fun and at the same time will push you to achieve the very best you can. Barbara’s knowledge, teaching and attention to detail have really helped me to develop my practice and strength and I would highly recommend her classes to anyone.” Penny, primary school teacher

BraveBodies yoga in Woolston

BraveBodies yoga in St. Mark’s Institute, Woolston, Southampton